Anderlab At a Glance

We are working towards a new future with great new Technologies, powered by Nanotechnology. We believe that only a Change in the Present, can create a better Future.

Anderlab is amongst the few Nanotechnology companies working to develop advanced solutions for todays science. We manufacture nanomaterials and also develop practical applications through research and passion.

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  • AnderGraf™
  • Large Scale, Consistent Quality Graphene, to support several Industrial Applications.
  • PolyGraf™
  • Graphene Polymer Nanocomposites for High Strength, Light Weight & Conductive Plastics customized for specific Applications.
  • ProNano™
  • High Purity and thoroughly Characterized Nanomaterials to support Researchers & Scientists in their Lab Activities.

Research & Development

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08 OCT
Nanotechnology researchers make major leap towards graphene for solar cells
07 OCT
Europe launches the 1 billion euro Graphene Flagship this week
07 OCT
Guinness World Record for the discovery of the thinnest glass

The company is based in Mumbai, the commercial capital of India. Our manufacturing facility just 25km from Mumbai International Airport, within the Chemical, Material Science and Pharmaceutical cluster in India.
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Our facility, spanning on a total area of over 8000 sq. ft., has a complete manufacturing line with all the required equipment that allows us to produce our materials. We have well trained Chemists in our Production and they make sure we produce a consistent product everytime.

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